Saturday, October 31, 2009

D4K Carson 6th Session

At the Carson session, we used the coupon activity after the kids were finished with their homework. Since this program is 50 kids deep, we had to be limited in who presented their coupons...which was hard since EVERYONE wanted to show and talk about their coupons! Also, we had the LA Harbor Volleyball Team (who has former D4K tutor/staff member, Mahina on their team) come and tutor the kids along with a guest appearance from a D4K grad/tutor/staff member (who can't be at the sessions due to work conflicts), Gabe Rocha.

After the classroom we headed over to the gym where we had the kids play against each other for the first time.

Thanks to the LA Harbor Volleyball Team for coming!!

Supporting the Samoa Tsunami Victims...

D4K Hawthorne 6th Session

In this session we decided to try another Tiger Woods Action Plan idea. This time it was all about the "coupon". Basically after the kids were finished with their homework, we gave them construction paper and some pens to start designing their "coupon" for someone. That someone could be their parents, their grandparents, their teachers, their siblings, or whoever does something for them daily. Brooke Langston (D4K Athlete), Kimi Murphy, and Brian Hui (Tongan Center Director) were on hand to help the kids. We also were lucky enough to get a rep from the Lululemon Athletic El Segundo store (after our mini fundraiser), Katie Henderson, to come by and help the kids. She was a collegiate basketball player (from USC) and had some great stories for the kids about her experiences playing at USC.

Classroom fun

Outdoor fun

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

D4KFL Palmetto 6th Session

We had a packed session today with the kids at Palmetto. We switched things up a bit and played volleyball first with some skill work on passing and setting and also some 6 on 6. After volleyball, we had a guest speaker come in. Lori Bondurant is a Nutrionist and RD with Universal Orlando. She came and spoke to the kids about the food groups, healthy eating, when and when not to eat junk food and what healthy eating can do for you (like performing better at sports and even getting better grades!). The kids had a great time and learned alot. During the third hour we checked the kids journals and diaries to see their progress on their goals and also helped them with their homework. We had a new volunteer, Margie Hernandez, join us today as well as Brett Caramalis and John Thompson (JT) from the Olympia Boys Volleyball team. Here are a few photos and videos from today's session.

Some 6 on 6

Two words: Relay. Races.

Yoga the Wise. Yoga the All Powerful. Please, please. Just plain Yoga

More yoga with Mandi

Learning about renewable and non renewable resources. It's Science!

Checking the kids journals

The kids LOVE group projects


Nutritionist and RD Lori Bondurant teaching the kids the importance of good nutrition

D4K 4 Man Beach Tourney

Charity event will be first on newly built courts in Deerfield Beach

Deerfield Beach, Fla. - The Dig 4 Kids Education Foundation (D4K), a non profit after school program, will be hosting its 1st Annual Co-ed 4-Man Beach Volleyball Tournament in Deerfield Beach on Saturday November 7th. This tournament will be the first beach volleyball event at the newly redesigned and built Deerfield Beach Volleyball Courts. Registration will begin at 7:15am with play beginning at 8am.

Prizes will be given out to teams in three divisions- Adult Co-ed, Boys Juniors and Girls Juniors. There will also be prizes awarded to teams with the best themed costumes.

“We want this to be a fun event” says Mitch Sadowsky, Program Director for Dig 4 Kids Florida Programs. “Deerfield Beach is a great place to hold our first of what we hope will be many 4-man tournaments here. There is already great local support from the community and businesses such as Ocean’s 234 and Bob’s Pizza that are helping us put on this exciting event.”

Dig 4 Kids is a non-profit after school program which targets elementary schools in lower income areas to help youth achieve academic and athletic success in a positive, structured environment and help fight childhood obesity. The program is free for the participants and free to the schools.

Proceeds from the event will go to benefit the Dig 4 Kids Education Foundation. With two successful programs running in Orlando, D4K hopes the tournament will also help promote the program and raise awareness in the Deerfield Beach and South Florida communities to help start local programs.

The Orlando programs, already a year old, have already helped over 450 kids through the after school program and 4 free volleyball clinics throughout the Orlando area.

For more information on Dig 4 Kids or the tournament, please contact Mitch Sadowsky, Florida Program Director by phone at 414-745-3158 or by email at

Dig 4 Kids was founded in the spring of 2000 by Professional Beach Volleyball Player and Olympic Gold Medalist, Eric Fonoimoana. The foundation is a 501 C 3 non-profit for public benefit corporation and has a federal charitable tax-exempt status. It was established after Eric noticed the lack of youth education and exercise programs in disadvantaged communities. He felt a strong desire to "equalize" these circumstances in these areas. With the success of the foundations first pilot program conducted in Carson, California and Eric's success in winning THE GOLD, the dream of Dig 4 Kids has become a reality and the organization has gained both national and international sponsorship and recognition for its efforts. Dig 4 Kids has helped over 2,450 children learn the importance of education and physical fitness. "Digging Education" is the primary activity of D4K and is an innovative project that combines after-school academic tutoring and mentoring with exercise and volleyball lessons. Students receive assistance with their homework, life-lessons, counseling and then participate in volleyball instruction and training. The program responds to a need for positive after-school activity and takes place from 3pm to 6pm, when many kids are unsupervised and prone to involvement in dangerous or illegal activity.

Carson 5th Session

This session was one of the craziest, yet full sessions we have ever had. We were not only videotaping for the "official" D4K video (by the fabulous Jonathan Pascual), but we had 2 Olympians, 1 FIVB/AVP star, 2 AVP stars, and the fab AVP/Clippers DJ on hand to talk to the kids. Check out the videos and photos from this action packed day!

Classroom Photos

Gym Photos